Food Waste and Recycling

We are excited to be working in partnership with Essex County Council to increase the amount of food recycled through your weekly food recycling collection in Tendring.

From Monday 16th October you will notice a sticker on your bin, a roll of compostable food caddy liners and an information leaflet arrive at your door.

Remember to use your food caddy

In Essex, roughly 25% of waste thrown away in the general rubbish is food. Not only is this a waste of money but it’s also damaging the environment. When food is sent to landfill, it lets off harmful greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. However, when food waste is recycled at the kerbside, it is transformed into energy and fertiliser!

If you need a replacement outdoor food caddy please email 

To find out more about this project, please visit

Recycling Boxes

If you do not have boxes or your current boxes are un-usable, you are able to continue to recycle by presenting materials in a suitable alternative container, please do not put recyclable materials in bags or cardboard boxes as this will not be collected. 

Food Caddy and Gull Proof Bags

You can purchase a roll of 50 food caddy bags from your local library or Council office for only £1.80.

Gull proof bags are available from Clacton Town Hall reception for £10, the re-useable bag will protect your black sacks from being ripped open by birds and animals on collection day.  Please note: Libraries do not hold stock of Gull proof bags.

How to use the bags:

  • Place your household rubbish in black sacks as usual
  • Then place your tied black rubbish sacks into the reusable gull proof bag loose rubbish in the bag will not be collected
  • Place the reusable gull proof bag out for collection in the normal way by 7am on the day of collection
  • Please use only the Velcro flap to close your bag; do not tie your gull proof bag across the top as this may prevent the crew from emptying your bag
  • Ties are provided with the bag should you wish to secure the bag to your fence or gate post
  • The crew will empty the bag and leave the bag in place for you to collect and take in as soon as possible
  • The bag is for bagged household waste only
  • You can write your house number on the front of the bag for identification

We also sell rolls of black sacks for £3.30 per roll.

Please click on the appropriate image below to check how to fill and prepare your boxes for collection.

Green recycling box
red recycling box
food caddies



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Station Road
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